Sustainable development

m3 GROUPE’s different sectors of activity are at the heart of major human challenges related to sustainable development. It is our responsibility to act in order to move towards an ethical mode of operation from both an environmental and a societal point of view.

Sustainable development

We are aware that each of our activities has an impact on the environment and on society, and we are convinced of the importance of moving towards sustainable practices. m3 GROUPE therefore aims to put the principles of responsibility and solidarity at the heart of its activities.

Solidarity partnerships

In order to contribute to the local community of the canton, m3 GROUPE has been helping numerous associations active in the social field for several years. In January 2021, it was decided that each group entity would in time establish a three-year partnership with the aim of boosting support for these players, who are essential to the strengthening of Geneva’s socio-economic fabric.

The majority of these partnerships go well beyond corporate sponsorship and are based on the following principles:

  • Each group entity selects an association or foundation. From management to employees, every person is involved in this selection.
  • The selected association or foundation ideally has a link with the entity’s sector of activity. The aim of this positioning is to maximise exchanges and to enable the stakeholder concerned to benefit from the strengths and skills of m3 GROUPE.
  • Three areas of action are possible with regard to these partnerships: social, environmental, and applied research (support for a university or a college, in particular).

Liste des partenariats solidaires

The AUX 6 LOGIS Association aims to develop transitional housing for women. More specifically, the aim is to offer them transitional solutions to prepare for access to permanent housing and to improve their social, economic and administrative situation through individualised support.

Within the framework of this partnership, m3 GÉRANCE provides the administrative, financial and technical management of the association’s assets free of charge and guarantees an annual donation.

The Colis du Cœur Foundation distributes food and hygiene products to families and individuals living in precarious situations in Geneva. Partage was created in 2005 by the Armée du Salut, Le C.A.R.E., Caritas Genève, Colis du Coeur and Emmaüs. It is the only food bank in the canton.

m3 RESTAURANTS donates one percent of its turnover to these two foundations, a commitment that has been maintained despite the closure of its establishments following the COVID-19 pandemic. m3 GROUPE’s employees also participate in volunteer actions such as the Samedis du Partage.

Launched in 2016 by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), MADE51 is a programme that aims to help refugees earn an income through the development of their talent and craft skills. Displaced persons are thus brought together within socially oriented companies that offer them marketing or logistical support, for example.

The partnership with m3 HOSPITALITY was signed at the end of 2020 and involves annual financial support.

The mission of the Geneva Red Cross, a cantonal association of the Swiss Red Cross, is to offer local support to vulnerable people living in Geneva. To do so, it implements more than thirty annual programmes which aim above all to preserve and promote the health and dignity of the public.

The partnership with John Taylor will last for three years and in 2021 will include financial support for the “Permanent Social Welcome” programme, which offers emergency assistance to people in precarious situations and thus enables thousands of people to benefit from psychological support, food, material and/or financial aid. In addition to this commitment, John Taylor and m3 GROUPE will provide their expertise in the field of real estate and will participate in volunteer actions or the collection of goods and equipment, depending on the needs of the association.

Our activities

Around this activity, which has been our core business since 1950, m3 has developed specialized companies that cover all aspects of real estate.

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Hotel operator and developer, m3 HOSPITALITY brings a global solution to property owners wishing to refresh or develop their hotel complex.

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Inspired by the latest trends, our team strives to open new establishments in strategic locations with strong development potential in Geneva.

m3 SANITRADE was created in April 2020 as part of the health crisis linked to the COVID-19 virus. The company contributes to the global health protection by distributing sanitary equipment thus meeting an exponential and immediate need of the population.

m3 LEASING has a different way of thinking about financing, offering more flexibility to your development. Our teams of leasing specialists provide immediate and personalized answers to finance any growth projects of individuals, liberal professions and SMEs throughout Switzerland.

GPA Guardian Protection SA was founded in 1993 and has responded to increasingly specific requirements over the years in the area of high end surveillance and security.

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From janitorial services to facility management, m3 NETTOYAGE offers a full range of cleaning services.
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