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m3 GROUPE actively participates in Geneva’s influence and development. In this context, we have defined a support strategy for cultural, sporting and economic initiatives aimed at improving the daily life of Genevans, and to this end we have established various local and long-term partnerships.


In order to highlight Geneva’s sports, m3 GROUPE supports a number of local teams that have made Geneva famous. With this in mind, m3 also sponsors popular and open sporting events that contribute to the reputation of the canton or that promote regular physical activity.

Founded in 1905, the GSHC is a true Swiss hockey institution that has generated unprecedented popular interest in the canton. Playing in the National League since 2002, the Aigles have participated in three playoff finals since their rise to the top. m3 GROUPE has been a GSHC partner since 2017.

SFC is the third-best Swiss club in history, having won the Swiss championship 17 times. An integral part of the canton’s popular culture, the Garnets returned to the Super League (1st division) during the 2018–2019 season. Since 2019, m3 GROUPE has supported this great Swiss football institution.

First organized in 1978, the Escalade Race is a popular running competition that takes place every December in Geneva. The race is one of the biggest events of its kind in Switzerland and m3 GROUPE is one of its top sponsors for 2021–2023.

An ATP 250 event since 2015, the Eaux-vives tennis tournament, now called the “Gonet Geneva Open”, is the only competition of its kind organised in French-speaking Switzerland. By hosting the cream of the ATP, it contributes to putting Geneva on the world tennis map. m3 GROUPE will provide the kit for all ball boys/girls and line officials for the 2021, 2022 and 2023 tournaments.


Through its various commitments to culture in Geneva, m3 GROUPE aims to make it accessible to all. The group’s cultural partnerships policy also aims to diversify the canton’s cultural offering.

A Geneva institution for over a century, the Comédie de Genève is one of the canton’s largest cultural venues. This theatre, which has moved from the Plainpalais district to the heart of Eaux-Vives, aims to become a live entertainment venue accessible to all and with a multidisciplinary programme. m3 GROUPE has supported the Comédie de Genève since 2021.

In its ten-year existence, artgenève has established a prestigious, contemporary and modern art fair in the Lake Geneva region that has an international following. This event welcomes international galleries and also devotes a large space to institutional and private collections as well as independent artists and exhibition curators. m3 GROUPE will support artgèneve from the next edition in 2022.

The world-renowned OSR ensemble is an integral part of the Geneva’s cultural life. Its values of openness and universalism are in line with the principles and vision of m3 GROUPE. The partnership took shape in the context of the group’s support for the open-air concerts at Genève-Plage in August 2020. Renewed in 2021, this series of concerts is intended to be creative and to suit everyone’s tastes, while highlighting Geneva’s landmarks.

The Carouge Theatre was born a little over 50 years ago and has established itself as a leading institution in the field of theatrical creativity. It concluded a partnership with m3 GROUPE three years ago with the objective of making art accessible to all by valuing work and imagination while cultivating the spirit of initiative in the service of the public.


Thanks to the various economic partnerships established since its foundation, m3 GROUPE supports the canton’s development by strengthening the local economic fabric. The group also plays an active role in the activities of the various institutions it has joined.

The CCIG’s objective is to ensure a strong economy in Geneva, empowering the companies that make up the local economic fabric. The chamber has over 2,400 member companies and represents over 130,000 jobs in the canton. m3 GROUPE has been a member of the CCIG’s Economic Council since 2020.

The mission of the CCIFS is to energize and inform the French-Swiss business community in order to create links and synergies within it. The oldest foreign chamber of commerce established in Switzerland, the CCIFS brings together more than 700 Swiss and French companies. m3 GROUPE has been a member of its support committee since 2020.

The Geneva Foundation aims to support the activities of the federal and Geneva authorities in advancing the city’s international development. Founded in 1976, the foundation launches, coordinates, promotes and supports initiatives that contribute to Geneva’s traditions of hospitality and openness to the world. m3 GROUPE has supported the foundation since 2020.

The CAGI’s mission is to promote International Geneva, to support the influence of Geneva and its region, and to welcome and offer practical assistance for settling in to newcomers and their families. Founded in 1996 by the Swiss Confederation and the Republic and Canton of Geneva, the CAGI is supported by more than 30 national and local, public and private entities. In order to strengthen its contribution to multilateralism and international Geneva, m3 GROUPE has been an associate member of the CAGI since 2020 and, from the end of June 2021, it will also be a member of the CAGI committee.

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Around this activity, which has been our core business since 1950, m3 has developed specialized companies that cover all aspects of real estate.

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Hotel operator and developer, m3 HOSPITALITY brings a global solution to property owners wishing to refresh or develop their hotel complex.

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Inspired by the latest trends, our team strives to open new establishments in strategic locations with strong development potential in Geneva.

m3 SANITRADE was created in April 2020 as part of the health crisis linked to the COVID-19 virus. The company contributes to the global health protection by distributing sanitary equipment thus meeting an exponential and immediate need of the population.

m3 LEASING has a different way of thinking about financing, offering more flexibility to your development. Our teams of leasing specialists provide immediate and personalized answers to finance any growth projects of individuals, liberal professions and SMEs throughout Switzerland.

GPA Guardian Protection SA was founded in 1993 and has responded to increasingly specific requirements over the years in the area of high end surveillance and security.

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From janitorial services to facility management, m3 NETTOYAGE offers a full range of cleaning services.
This centre of expertise emerged after m3 GROUPE acquired BIG NET SA and GLOBE NETTOYAGE SARL in 2020.