How do we enhance Geneva’s local and international reputation? By reinforcing the excellence and creativity of its hospitality sector. We invest in hotels, create spaces for social and cultural exchange and promote top-class local restaurants to help ensure that visitors and residents alike have an unforgettable experience in Geneva.


Our establishments are born from the desire to share our passion for haute cuisine and invest in the local and regional economy. Our mission is three-fold: to preserve restaurants that are culinary institutions in Geneva, like Le Vallon, Le Cheval Blanc and Le Lion d’Or; to create new spaces with innovative concepts, like Home, Live, La Chose and Les Pâtisseries Sofia; and to bring added value to established businesses like Le Traiteur de Châtelaine.

We combine the talents of renowned young chefs and those of great contemporary architects to create elegant and festive places with a specialized menu.

Our commitment

  • Promote local producers
  • Give preference to seasonal products
  • Encourage a healthy and balanced diet
  • Promote the transmission of culinary knowledge
  • Apply a waste separation policy
  • Combat waste


We offers owners, managers and investors a service that aims to optimize the performance of hotel properties. Whether you are launching a renovation programme, creating a new concept or rethinking management, our teams of experts in the hotel industry will accompany you over the long term to help you enhance the attractiveness and profitability of your venture.

Our activities