Abdallah Chatila: “We have to believe in what we do and do what we believe in.”

12 Mar 2019

Abdallah Chatila, a Genevan entrepreneur from the Land of the Cedars, who succeeds in everything – 10 March 2019

Swiss-Arab Entrepreneurs: How did you become a “serial entrepreneur”?

Abdallah Chatila: I picked up the entrepreneurial spirit from my father, but he was very conservative and cautious whereas I am cautious but not conservative. You have to know how to seize opportunities when they arise. I wanted to do a lot of things, and when I started making money in real estate, it allowed me to get into all kinds of projects. I was lucky to be successful! It was a unique set of circumstances. It all depends on the opportunity and the people. My strength is that I am not afraid of losing. I do a lot of things hoping to do them well. But I’m realistic and I accept both winning and losing…


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