« Our mission is to enhance the health and protection of the population. The group’s healthcare division aims to design and provide uptodate and responsible comprehensive sanitary solutions. »


Building an ambitious and responsible project to support public health, employment and the environment, with the desire to guarantee independence in terms of health protection is our starting point. Today we want to go further by transforming this market from selling products to selling solutions.

Klap designs innovative and sensible sanitary solutions that assess, sanitize and protect the public in all social spaces.

In March 2021, our mask production site in Ploufragan (France) began operations.

In order to control all stages of its activity, Klap has also been producing its own filter media since 2022: the meltblown.

Klap has developed a complete recycling system that handles a wide range of disposable sanitary protection equipment, from collection to recycling.

An efficient system for the management of polymer waste, which breathes new life into all of this single-use protective equipment.

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better LIFE

better LIFE aims to facilitate universal access to wellness. We combine preventative practices with tailored treatment programs based on comprehensive diagnostics and screenings, in a way that targets each patient’s goals and concerns.

better LIFE wishes to become a reference in the field of well-being and prevention, by developing various activities that will put Geneva on the map of “well-being” capitals.

Our actions during the COVID-19 pandemic

Between November 2020 and June 2022, in its fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, w3 CARE provided assistance to the Canton’s public services by deploying several screening and vaccination centres, all approved by the State of Geneva, as well as a mobile unit service.
The gradual lifting of sanitary measures led us to progressively close all its centres, the last of which will close at the end of June 2022.

However, as the epidemic has not been completely stopped, we has decided to keep a mobile screening unit service available to companies in the Canton, managed by Helvetic Care, a Geneva-based health specialist. Its teams remain fully mobilised and available to respond to any screening needs

This initiative by the group’s health division was above all a civic gesture. As part of the fight against this pandemic, the reinforcement of the screening strategy went hand in hand with the vaccination strategy. w3 CARE thus supported the State of Geneva in its actions in favour of the health of all and the economic recovery.

+500’000 tests

carried out so far by our teams
from November 2020 to June 2022

485’000 vaccines

administered per day at our centres
from January 2021 to March 2022

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