Since the beginning of 2012, TradeXBank is a major actor of commodities trade finance, commodities are an integral part of the bank’s DNA.

Commodities have rarely been so present in the international, economic, and regulatory news: trade finance secures and funds international trade transactions by matching the different needs of exporters and importers.

Over the years, TradeXBank has built a reputation as a truly commodity financier, with a strong client and partner network.

Likewise on Swiss market, TradeXBank benefits from an extensive experience and is composed of 65 highly skilled employees.

After becoming a part of m3 GROUPE, the Bank is focusing on commodity trade finance on a consistent basis with its successful track record and building up the franchise again with its rigorous experience and know-how.

TradeXBank office is in Zurich.

“The Bank mainly focuses on agricultural products finance, which is crucial for the global and European economy.

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