Established in April 2020 as part of the COVID-19 health crisis, m3 SANITRADE contributes to the protection of public health through its testing and vaccination centres based in Geneva. The company locally manufactures protective masks and also distributes health equipment in order to meet an exponential and immediate need of the population.

Faced with this health crisis in Geneva, Abdallah Chatila, president of m3 GROUPE, took the initiative in April 2020 to import more than 140 million masks and other health products to alleviate the pressure on hospital facilities and to participate in the canton’s economic recovery. In order to remove dependence on third countries, the Swiss entrepreneur founded m3 SANITRADE, the group’s health division, whose primary objective is to create two manufacturing plants for sanitary equipment based in Switzerland and France. In order to promote public health in Geneva, Mr Chatila subsequently boosted the service centre dedicated to screening and vaccination against COVID-19.


In its fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, m3 SANITRADE has set up three centres for screening tests and / or vaccination. All are approved by the State of Geneva and managed in collaboration with Helvetic Care, a Geneva-based healthcare specialist whose services are aimed at individuals and businesses located in the canton.

This initiative by m3 GROUPE’s health division is first and foremost a civic gesture. As part of the fight against this pandemic, m3 SANITRADE aims to strengthen both screening and vaccination, and to support the State of Geneva in its efforts to protect public health and boost economic recovery.

+293’000 tests

carried out so far by our teams since November 2020

391’000 vaccines

administered per day at our centres since January 2021

175 vaccination & test booths

(as well as mobile screening units)

Sanitary equipment

m3 SANITRADE  design innovative and sensible sanitary solutions that assess, sanitize and protect the public in all social spaces.

In March 2021, the mask manufacturing plant located in Ploufragan (France) began production with the goal of producing 75 million masks in 2021 and doubling its production in 2022. Other protective equipment will supplement production in the long term.

One mask production line is installed in the Jean Gallay SA premises in Plan-les-Ouates (Geneva). A second will be in the coming months. Once it reaches its full production capacity, the Geneva plant will produce 35 million masks annually.

Since its establishment, m3 SANITRADE has chosen to integrate sustainable development into its DNA and the manufacture of its products. The development of raw materials, the local and regional integration of mask manufacturing, and the application of the principles of eco design and the circular economy are among the company’s priorities.

30 million euros

invested in the French plant in the long term

285 million

mask production target by 2023

45% of 

the Ploufragan plant workforce are women

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Around this activity, which has been our core business since 1950, m3 has developed specialized companies that cover all aspects of real estate.

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Hotel operator and developer, m3 HOSPITALITY brings a global solution to property owners wishing to refresh or develop their hotel complex.

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Inspired by the latest trends, our team strives to open new establishments in strategic locations with strong development potential in Geneva.

m3 SANITRADE was created in April 2020 as part of the health crisis linked to the COVID-19 virus. The company contributes to the global health protection by distributing sanitary equipment thus meeting an exponential and immediate need of the population.

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