« Our team of m3 SALES specialists will help you simplify all the steps involved in acquiring or selling a property. We work toward the success of your project in full transparency and discretion with only one thing in mind: the protection of your interests.”»

Manuel Alvarez – Director, m3 SALES

To find the ideal property for you, or the future buyer of your current property…two supremely important activities that require multiple skills to execute.

Active on the shores of Lake Geneva, m3 SALES employees put at your disposal their extensive knowledge of the local market, their vast network and their negotiating skills.

Because we do not buy and sell real estate in the same way today as we did yesterday, m3 SALES offers a different and dynamic approach using all the new tools of today and tomorrow

Our approach

An experienced team, attentive ear, enthusiasm and contacts coupled with new technologies – these are what we offer you to carry out real estate transactions quickly and in the best conditions.

At m3 SALES, we offer a complimentary valuation of your property and also advise you on how to value it for the purpose of placing it on the market.

Virtual tours with real results

The real estate market has become considerably globalized and Geneva is forever identified as an international city. Before arriving, your buyer can be anywhere in the world, hence the benefit of offering virtual tours of your property to present it to a wider audience.

A network that goes beyond borders

For many years, we have been working in partnership with John Taylor, the international reference for luxury real estate.

This collaboration opens you to a wider range of prestigious properties in Switzerland and abroad and allows you to reach a much wider international clientele.

Promote the new

Because we believe that the sales strategy of new real estate projects is different from traditional brokerage, m3 has created a dedicated service.

A fast and efficient process thanks to sales on plans and websites developed specifically for each project and integrating online registration.

Our partner Lok-iz

Always on the lookout for new high-performance and technological market research solutions, m3 SALES was attracted to the platform that turns any Internet user into a real estate business provider.

Thanks to this partnership, all Genevans can now receive a bonus of at least CHF 2,000.00 for an apartment and CHF 4,000.00 for a house if they communicate information that leads to a sale on lok-iz.ch.

Word-of-mouth real estate – it pays!

Guaranteed quality

ISO 9001-certified, m3 SALES is equipped with a quality management system whose mission is to ensure delivery of a service in perfect harmony with the requirements of our clients.

Our areas of activity



Online valuation of your property

Use our fast online calculator and instantly get a complimentary valuation in four easy steps.

The Team

Nos offres immobilières

m3 dispose d’une grande offre de biens à la vente. Appartements, villas et biens d’exception, retrouvez toutes nos offres sur note site immobilier.

Our activities

Around this activity, which has been our core business since 1950, m3 has developed specialized companies that cover all aspects of real estate.

Discover our real estate offers

Hotel operator and developer of buildings for use as hotels, m3 HOSPITALITY brings a global solution to property owners wishing to refresh or develop their hotel complex.

Book your hotel room

Led by an experienced chef associated with an expert at a prestigious hotel, our team is inspired by the latest trends to open creative establishments in strategic locations in the city with strong development potential.