“We created m3 RESTAURANTS to invent new places that energize the life of Geneva and its inhabitants”

Today, we are not just looking for food – we are hungry for a special experience in a warm atmosphere.

Dynamic, innovative and daring as ever, restauranteering produces a concept every day that is always more attractive and surprising than the next.

We combine the talents of renowned young chefs and those of great contemporary architects to create elegant and festive places with a specialized menu.

Our commitment

  • Promote local producers
  • Give preference to seasonal products
  • Encourage a healthy and balanced diet
  • Promote the transmission of culinary knowledge
  • Apply a waste separation policy
  • Combat waste

Quality the order of the day

Cooking catches everyone’s interest. The ingredients, the names and the local products fascinate the general public.

We respond to this craving for authenticity and quality by prioritizing passionate professionals who work with local products and promote short food supply chains and organic farming.

On the lookout for the latest trends

To be different, to astonish, to surprise is an essential condition for anyone wanting to successfully launch into the demanding world of restauranteering.

Our specialists continually scrutinize new culinary trends and emerging concepts around the world to always be in tune with customers looking for unique experiences.

Our activities