At a time when everything must always go faster, you must be able to be extremely reactive if you don’t want to miss out on the best opportunities.

— Rafael CASTRO, Director m3 LEASING

m3 LEASING has a different way of thinking about financing, offering more flexibility to your development. Our teams of leasing specialists provide immediate and personalized answers to finance any growth projects of individuals, liberal professions and SMEs throughout Switzerland.

Whether it represents a capital asset or an investment relating to your activity’s operations, we understand that you need have the necessary capital quickly and with optimal conditions. m3 LEASING is a strong and independent partner that supports your development with more agility and flexibility than traditional credit institutions.

Because we use specific IT tools and have been able to simplify our internal processes, our teams are able to meet all your needs almost in real time. Tech, health, media, transport, energy : all professionals today need to be more responsive and that is what we bring to the table.


The responsiveness of our teams combined with the performance of our IT tools allows us to provide the capital you need in record time. The implementation of smoother processes and the use of electronic signatures further reduce delays and accelerate our operations.



In all sectors where m3 GROUPE is active, we always favor the quality of relationships, and our new entity m3 LEASING is no exception. Our experts support you with regular reporting whether you need capital on an ad hoc basis or whether it is part of a long-term strategy. You can thus measure and monitor the performance of your financing plan.


The growth and sustainability of your activity depends on your ability to unlock capital at key moments while remaining perfectly within your budget plan. The financing solutions we design for you are designed to be both flexible and scalable.


New tools

Beyond the great responsiveness of your contacts, you will find at m3 LEASING digital tools and numerous online services geared towards performance. We have thus adapted and developed our own applications dedicated to the leasing field to optimize our efficiency by establishing a customer relationship in real time.

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