Founded in 2004, Katana SA is the leader in the destruction of confidential documents, archives and IT media. The company is headquartered in Geneva, with offices in Zurich and a representative in the canton of Ticino.

The company joined the Service division of m3 GROUPE in December 2020. Katana offers a solution suitable for all business sizes. From regular service to one-off archive destruction, including a flat rate, the company offers a wide range of services for the destruction of confidential documents.

Katana handles all types of confidential documents, once their legal retention period has passed (business, tax, accounting and administrative documents; telephone bills; pay slips; employment contracts; banking and cheque stubs; credit card and debit card invoices; business expense reports; quotes; customer invoices; etc.).


  • Controlled on-site destruction in record time
  • Shredder trucks that shred federal binders, paper documents, hard drives…
  • Everything is recycled, nothing is kept or incinerated
  • One ton of paper destroyed by Katana = 17 trees saved

Our activities

Around this activity, which has been our core business since 1950, m3 has developed specialized companies that cover all aspects of real estate.

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Hotel operator and developer, m3 HOSPITALITY brings a global solution to property owners wishing to refresh or develop their hotel complex.

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Inspired by the latest trends, our team strives to open new establishments in strategic locations with strong development potential in Geneva.

m3 SANITRADE was created in April 2020 as part of the health crisis linked to the COVID-19 virus. The company contributes to the global health protection by distributing sanitary equipment thus meeting an exponential and immediate need of the population.

m3 LEASING has a different way of thinking about financing, offering more flexibility to your development. Our teams of leasing specialists provide immediate and personalized answers to finance any growth projects of individuals, liberal professions and SMEs throughout Switzerland.

GPA Guardian Protection SA was founded in 1993 and has responded to increasingly specific requirements over the years in the area of high end surveillance and security.

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From janitorial services to facility management, m3 NETTOYAGE offers a full range of cleaning services.
This centre of expertise emerged after m3 GROUPE acquired BIG NET SA and GLOBE NETTOYAGE SARL in 2020.