m3 GROUPE is dedicated to improving life in Geneva.

Abdallah Chatila, founder and president of m3, has always made the diversification of his activities his strength. Structuring his businesses, he launched m3 GROUPE.

Anchored in the local market, m3 is active in the key areas of Geneva’s economic and cultural fabric. Concentrating on real estate, hospitality and restaurants, m3 GROUPE invests all its expertise and creativity in the service of expanding its in Geneva.


“ This new structure is not a revolution but an evolution of the brand! It’s simply a logical continuation. Business is growing and we now want to capitalize on the strength of a group. Our goal is to play a role in the modernization and transformation of the canton by preserving its exceptional environment and quality of life ”, says Abdallah Chatila.

True to its values of excellence, trust and commitment, the company has grown to become today an indispensable and unique player on the Geneva landscape..

« “To be solid and sustainable all activity must feed on a vision. Our aim at m3 is to bring a different approach to everything we undertake and to innovate to help shape the Geneva of tomorrow. That’s why m3’s motto is now ‘A different Geneva’”, adds the group’s president.

Merged into three business divisions, m3 GROUPE currently comprises seven brands.

Real estate

Around this activity which has been its core business since 1950, m3 has over the years developed specialized companies that cover literally every aspect of real estate. m3 is today able to offer its expertise and support its clients in all their purchase, sale, rental, investment, construction or renovation projects.

Hotels (under m3 HOSPITALITY)

Launched in 2017, m3 HOSPITALITY supports the creation, execution and full management of hotels. It also offers these hotels for rent, giving owners the security of a guaranteed income and the possibility of upgrading their asset through a long-term lease. The first in a long series, m3 Ferney Voltaire opened in the spring of 2019. This will be followed by a hotel on Rue du Prince hotel in Geneva (100 rooms by the end of 2020) and a hotel in Pont-Rouge (200 rooms by 2022).

Food & Beverage (under m3 RESTAURANTS)

m3 RESTAURANTS is hungry to get started! A creator of conviviality, m3 RESTAURANTS aims to expand the offering of new tables in Geneva by creating places with original concepts. With some thirty or forty institutions planned, seven have already been confirmed for early 2020, including The Sesflo in Champel which the group recently took over and will reopen at the end of 2019.

Abdallah Chatila: “We have to believe in what we do and do what we believe in.”

Abdallah Chatila, a Genevan entrepreneur from the Land of the Cedars, who succeeds in everything – 10 March 2019

Swiss-Arab Entrepreneurs: How did you become a “serial entrepreneur”?

Abdallah Chatila: I picked up the entrepreneurial spirit from my father, but he was very conservative and cautious whereas I am cautious but not conservative. You have to know how to seize opportunities when they arise. I wanted to do a lot of things, and when I started making money in real estate, it allowed me to get into all kinds of projects. I was lucky to be successful! It was a unique set of circumstances. It all depends on the opportunity and the people. My strength is that I am not afraid of losing. I do a lot of things hoping to do them well. But I’m realistic and I accept both winning and losing…


Read the full interview with Abdallah Chatila on the Swiss Arab Entrepreneurs website Swiss Arab Entrepreneurs.

m3 and Radio Lac launch a new real estate show!

From January 17, every Thursday at 11:30, Radio Lac and m3 REAL ESTATE will broadcast a new show devoted to real estate.

All that was needed was a meeting between Antoine and Alexandre de Raemy of Media One Group, and Abdallah Chatila, president of m3, to launch a new show dedicated to real estate in Geneva. Much like a magazine, “The Keys to Real Estate” will deal with the market, urban planning, architecture, housing, construction…so many substantive topics scheduled for a weekly 30-minute show.

This show also heralds the big radio comeback of “Enzo”. Active in real estate for nearly ten years, Enzo Lo Bue will be the presenter. Local personalities will talk about news and developments and will answer questions from Genevans.

Enzo Lo Bue co-founded One FM and LFM and animated the show “Enzo and the Girls” until 2008. For 11 years he has also hosted the entertainment show “Cash” on RTS, so his skills acquired in radio and real estate are ideally suited for “The Keys to Real Estate”.

“m3 was willing to communicate differently and the radio is proving to be a local channel that we have been interested in for a few years now. The idea is that through this show, Genevans will be able to get information and news related to real estate in their canton”, says Abdallah Chatila.

Antoine de Raemy adds: “We wanted to offer different content to our listeners, and real estate is a subject that interests all of us – tenants, owners, municipalities, etc. And it’s a pleasure to see Enzo behind the microphone to speak to Geneva! He really does have a natural connection with the inhabitants of the City of Calvin.”